All of our Design and Printing is completed in house by our experienced and highly qualified team. 

We offer three main printing types... Vinyl, Embroidery and Screen Print. If you are unsure which print option is best for your product then call our team for free and friendly advice.

*Always follow the care guides on each garment 

 Photo Printing

Photo Printing is simular to Vinyl printing, in that we can not transfer to Fleece products. Whilst we can apply photo prints to most colours for best results we recommend a light coloured product- i.e: White.  

We now also Print photos/ pictures to Mouse mats. 

Simply email your photo to us, pop in with your memory stick or we can even upload directly from a Facebook/ profile page. Please ask our team for advice.

Direct to Garment Printing

Using our top of the range R-Jet DTG Machine we can take any image and print directly to your garment. From T-shirts to Mouse mat's- you name it we can print it.

Simply email your image to us, pop in with your memory stick or we can even upload directly from a Facebook or web page. Please ask our team for advice.


 Premium Vinyl Transfers

Premium vinyl can be applied to Cotton, poly/cotton, polyester, acrylic & similar fibres. We cannot put transfers onto fleece fabrics.

Vinyl Print is idea for bold block slogans or more complex colourful designs.

We stock a large range of Vinyl Print colours, including our new Fluorescent, Mettalli, Reflective and Glitter Vinyls


We use computerised Brother Embroidery machines fitted with the latest technologies in all our embroidery prints. With the highest quality threads and a huge selection of colours to choose from. 

Embroidery is ideal for less complex designs yet you can still achieve a fantastic affect. Choose up to 12 colours on each design. Whilst we can embroidery on to most products this option is ideal for denser fabrics such as Fleece or towelling. 

Screen Printing

We are using Plastisol : An official distributor of the Union Ink range. The ink is world known and has been widely tested for maximum performance and durability for printing onto fabric.

Union Ink used in garment printing because they are easy to print, do not dry on the screen, can be opaque on dark garments, and adhere to most textiles. They are composed primarily of PVC resin and plasticiser.

Plastisol inks can be printed on virtually any surface that can withstand the heat required to cure the ink and is porous enough to permit good ink penetration. Plastisol inks do not dye the fibres, instead the ink wraps around the fibres and makes a mechanical bond with the fabric. For this reason, they will not adhere to non-porous substrates such as plastic, metal and glass. They also will not adhere well to woven, waterproofed nylon without adding a bonding agent.